Watching inanimate objects come into motion has always inspired my childlike imagination. My work reflects my love of imperfect characters through the use of various mediums. I love the simplicity of 2d, the consistency of 3d and the interaction of stop motion. I find heroic and relatable qualities in flaws and build my characters around them. I use crafty and alternative materials throughout all my work and enjoy incorporating them into my animations. The hand made aesthetic of various materials connects my character to their environments and reflects my personal style. Humorous and tragic themes inspire my work and I often intertwine the two. My choice of design counterpoints the themes of my work and shows my versatility in mood.

Contact Me:
Feel free to contact me through my email or social media. I do take commission requests for animations and illustrations.

email: sarah@nullsarahtuhro.com
twitter: @Sarah_Tuhro
facebook: sarah.tuhro
linked in: sarahtuhro